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Fri May 15 22:13:24 BST 2015

Mike Chester wrote "I cannot find Beur [sic] in the list of foundries at http://www.towerbells.org/BellFoundries.html"
That list is admittedly incomplete, because I only list those foundries that have (to my knowledge) cast bells far carillons or chimes.  I would classify Otto Buer as a carillon builder, in the same category as Verdin of America, Clock-O-Matic of Belgium, etc.  They are known to have installed bells cast by Bachert (Karlsruhe) and Perner (Passau), and might well have installed bells cast by P&F and/or Eijsbouts (now merged).
This installation clearly qualifies as a non-traditional carillon, and will be the 10th such instrument in the British Isles in my database.

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