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One wonders how well those who are "complaining" have bothered to study a
bibliography of bells and ringing. 


Additional names that came to sight on checking the bookshelf include Jean
Sanderson, Diana Handley, Janet Stevenson, Mary Cockett, Elizabeth Bleby,
Helen Pettet & Ann Doggett and Jill Johnston (most of these quite recent)


Digging a bit deeper (quick check in my bibliography file) I quickly found
things like "Pre-Reformation Church Bells of West Cumberland" by Mary C.
Fair (1947), "A Change-Ringing Controversy" by Emily Hargrave (1928), "The
18th Century Bellfounders of Bromsgrove" by Margaret Must (1996), "The
Bagley Bell Foundry of Chacombe" by Betty D. Cameron (1995)


Two points from this a) writings by women go back a fair way, and b) they're
not always by people within the ringing community


But it is true, surely, that the majority of the output on the subject has
been by male writers and continues to be so. Certainly I have relatively few
female contacts among the many people I have dealings with on bell history
matters (hello Anne!) - but I welcome co-operation with anyone (well,
nearly!!!) with a shared interest


Chris Pickford

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