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AAJB wrote:


“These Oxford towers are all in private ownership and therefore Secular.”


I am not convinced that private ownership necessarily implies secular even if it may be true for the Oxford Colleges.

I appreciate that some of the towers are detached from the chapels, which may be part of the consideration.


What is the position for the Curfew Tower, Windsor Castle?  It is not physically attached to St George’s Chapel, but like the Chapel it is under the jurisdiction of the College of St George.  Most of the ringing is not for religious occasions (but some is).



“This is the type of info that I am looking, most of which will be found in Dove.”

Perhaps this is the place to start, then.  I am sure that on this list we will be interested to hear of any towers for which the Dove description may not be accurate or appropriate or any for which it is not clear how the tower should  be regarded, and I expect there will be people who can advise.



James White



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