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See "England, England" by Julian Barnes for a version of the complete experience 

I don't know of any plague attraction, but one can get quite close at the London Dungeon this summer - a version 
of the 1666 Fire of London (which arguably ended the 1665-66 visitation of the Plague) is available. I'm not planning to go. The only fiery thing I ever consider as a tourist is riding a steam train. JPA keeps me supplied with information in that regard. 

Nobody has yet asked why I'm a fan of poor arrow-in-eye Harold. I'm don't own the "More Saxon violence" T-shirt, and I think 
novelist Paul Kingsnorth is going a bit too far when he compares the time after 1066 to the US troops vs the Viet Cong (really), but 
as Anna Russell said "Things would be so different if they were not as they are." It is interesting (to me, and others) to contemplate how different Britain (and ultimately the world) would be if the Norman system hadn't taken over. Possibly nothing would have changed much if the battle at Battle had gone the other way - the channel isn't large, relatively speaking, and the French would have tried again sooner or later. 
http://old.paulkingsnorth.net/idler%20england.htm (warning- small print, annoying typeface). 

Laura Dickerson 
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