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I have been re-reading John Betjeman's poems. Many ringers are
familiar with the references to bells and ringing in "Summoned by
Bells" and in some shorter poems, especially ones with obviously
ringing-related titles such as "On hearing the full peal of ten bells
from Christ Church, Swindon, Wilts", "Wantage Bells" and (to give it
its full title) "Church of England thoughts occasioned by hearing the
bells of Magdalen Tower from the Botanic Garden, Oxford, on St Mary
Magdalen's Day". There are many others. I wonder whether these
references have been collated. Does anyone know?

John Camp

I don't know if the references have ever been collated, but you might be
interested to know his niece lives here in Perth and I've met her on a
number of occasions. I will enquire next time I see her.




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