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Re: Mike Chester and Richard Smith's interesting postings. There are
numerous postcards of All Saints in Dunwich, in  various stages of
disappearance. Some show the shell of the church in a condition rather worse
than nearby Covehithe, the tower clearly ruinous. Others the tower alone,
further ones the west half of the tower standing to full height and the last
one of the two western diagonal buttresses standing alone to a considerable
height, the tower gone.


In the early years of the 20th century the buttress was taken down before it
followed the rest over the cliff edge and re-erected where it still stands
to-day in the churchyard of the Victorian church of St James.


The gradual disappearance of All Saints Church and the spilling out of the
contents of coffins in the churchyard inspired a ghost story (MR James, I
think) called The Face, the memory of which still gives me the shivers.


I think the Bells could go down as a lost ring of three, c1723, even if one
was kept for some while afterwards.



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