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Can anyone help with this request please. She contacted me because she
'thought I might know because I was in the bell ringing / campanology
world'. I replied with a link to the founders page of Dove, which has an
entry for Joanne Hille, and offered to ask this list if she wanted to know

I wonder if youi know anything about the above lady please she was
married to a bell founder or caster and when he died she continued to cast
bells I know of at least one church in Colchester where one of her bells
hangs I wondered if you knew anything of her or where I might find out
more about her. ... Anything at all about her personal life where she is
buried how many bells she cast or where ? ... Anything though and thanks
for your assistance 

Reply to: kay harding <sun-shiner at hotmail.co.uk>

George Elphick gives a brief account of Joanna Hille in 'Sussex Bells and


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