[Bell Historians] 17th century bell from All Hallows Old Church, Cumbria

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A new ring of bell is to be installed at All Hallows, Fletchertown in Cumbria. In the belfry there is an 17th century bell cast by William Scott and dated 1687. This is one of two such bells that were at the old church. They were taken by a builder in 1936 in part payment for work undertaken to make safe the ruins of the old church. One bell was sold to a chapel nearby and the other was sold to a dealer in Leeds. When the chapel closed, the bell was returned to All Hallows and now sits in the belfry. It is planned to restore this bell (and its partner if it can be found) for ringing when the new ring is intalled.
 The question is .... does anyone know of the whereabouts of the bell that was sold in Leeds or how to set about tracing it?
 Ron East 
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