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On 17/05/2016 16:10, Matthew Higby matthewhigby at aol.com [bellhistorians] 
> We rang a qtr peal on them in 2007 - they went fine then, albeit a 
> little hard work. I seem to remember the church having some H&S 
> concerns about lack of flooring on the gallery. A decent ring of six - 
> childs play for a bunch of Somerset lads!

Yes, that was the year when I last rang there and is probably the year 
that ringing stopped. The safety concerns about the gallery still exist. 
Apparently a structural engineer has ruled that a maximum of eight 
people be allowed on it it at any time. No-one can say whether this 
includes the collection of old clock weights that are stored there! It 
is the strength of the floor joists that is questionable although the 
balustrade is also considered too flimsy, with which I agree. There is 
certainly plenty of bounce in the floor but it has been there for 100 
years or so without anyone falling through it. We South Yorkshire and 
North Lincs, lads and lasses also found them quite manageable; once we 
caught the ropes anyway.

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