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I would imagine it is one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1953-CORONATION-BRASS-BELL-IN-BOX-H-R-H-QUEEN-ELIZABETH-II-G-J-ENGLAND-3-/112153938121?hash=item1a1ce548c9:g:WtoAAOSwAuZX01Zl

They are quite common - I have seen about10 or so.

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Just received the inquiry below, which I cannot answer.  Can anyone on this list help this lady?
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My name is Heather Rippon, nee Robson. My mother, Violet Robson who died in 1966. In the 50s she worked for Swale foundries on the Aycliffe trading estate. Later at East Anglia lacquer company I think these companies were connected but not sure?
She started as a ledger/wages clerk, later becoming company  Secretary of latter company. However that is bye the bye. She was p resented with a brass bell which was made from a famous big bell that had been remoulded. I have had the bell my procession since she passed away. The bell is about 4 inches high with inscription  "Coronation of H.M Queen Elizabeth 11 1953" I was told to look after it which I have done with pride. I believe several were cast, how many?
The information I remember was the director called David, can't recall his surname but he answered to his father. They originated from Croydon.
I wonder if you could kindly fill in the gaps I have forgotten, Could it be David Craig? Is he still alive? If so give him my kind regards as we met on several times. I remember him buying a Jaguar car, one of the 1st T.Rs. He did not like it but still drove it, apparently it suited his image but as it was so very low stung he had great difficulty in  getting in and out of it, this was of great amusment to all the staff. Finally and most important fill my in about this bell.
Thank you very much for taking notice and any information you may forward to me.
Kind regards
P.S. I am now 77 and would like to pass onto my off spring.




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