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Sorry to question DLC (never usually required!) - but I am almost certain the two swinging bells (which remain at Caldey) were 3 and 7 of the octave. Those two were replaced when they moved to Prinknash (1931 from memory).

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No  - I’m pretty sure that it is neither Roman Catholic (at the time) nor Ireland. The mitred figure appears to be Abbot Aelred Carlyle, who was at the time the Anglican Abbot of Caldey. The attendant monk has the distinctive tonsure of the Caldey Anglican Benedictines. 
Abbot Aelred ordered two Bells, both hung for ringing, from John Taylor & Co about 1910; another six, hung for chiming were added shortly after (the Abbey Church tower is not big enough for a 20-cwt ring of 8).  I suspect that the photo on the card if of the Tenor being installed. It and the treble are still at Caldey, hung for ringing: this Cistercian Rule requires only two Bells. 
The Benedictines (who became RC in 1913) reclaimed the middle six about 1930 and they were hung for chiming with a replacement tenor and treble added, outside the new Abbey at Prinknash.  They have more recently been acquired by Keltek.


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