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Someone told me a long time ago that these bells (a Naylor Vickers six) had been tuned by Whitechapel when the bells were rehung by Whites in 1995.

 I went to record them this morning, as you do, and was not able to decide if they had in fact been tuned. Arguments in favour are that the 1995 tower notice has lower weights than a notice from 1951 - though the 1951 weights could have been estimated, and are annotated 'approx'.

 Arguments against are that the nominals are quite a way from any normal tuning scheme, that I was unable to see any marks of tuning inside (though they are pretty rusty), and that the exact shape of the lip and the inside of the soundbow was identical in several bells. Also, the tower notice says 'rehung', not 'tuned and rehung'.

 Does anyone know for sure? Or is it possible that the reference to tuning all those years ago was to Thornborough, 15 miles away, which have much better nominals, and which were rehung by Eayre & Smith in 1986?

 Kind regards,

 Bill H
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