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Sat Aug 18 23:29:12 BST 2018

As it happens I've just spent a week visiting Northern churches, and as 
a night at the Tavern in Alnwick, almost opposite the town hall, was on 
our agenda, I thought I'd record the chimes for this list.

The clock chimes all though the night, though with a reduced peal, and 
in the daytime its full peal is off by an hour, so I dare say Alnwick 
Council does not recognise BST!

I made a very basic recording of the chimes at 8am last Wednesday using 
my mobile phone; here's a link to it (the chimes start at about 55 
seconds in):


Lawrence Greenall
Waltham Abbey

PS No, unfortunately no Alnwick churches were on our visit list - we 
were part-way into a long drive from York to Holy Island via Lastingham.

On 06/08/2018 09:43, Bryan McCahey b.mccahey at yahoo.com [bellhistorians] 
> Thanks for this interesting information. The clock chimes are indeed 
> very powerful and can be heard at some distance!

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