[Bell Historians] Trervor Jennings' Master of my art

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Just in case it's of use, there are two copies currently for sale:


(They could be the same, i.e. only one for sale?)

Another tack is to track down copies in other libraries on the COPAC 
website. You can usually apply for membership cards at public libs in 
counties other than the one you live in (I live in Essex but have lib 
cards for Herts and Suffolk public libs for this reason).

This book is held at
Trinity College, Dubin
National Lib of Scotland, Edinburgh
Leicester City Libs (predictably)
Kent Libs
Westminster LibsUnis of Brum, Leics, Leeds, London, Oxford, Yorkshire, 
and Cambridge

plus a few more international ones.

 From personal experience, anyone can (or could a couple of years ago) 
apply for a lib card for the Uni of Cambridge on their library's 
website, and access is easy via park & ride. A day reading the book 
there may be cheaper than buying one of the above copies.


On 13/01/2018 11:46, 'Bill Hibbert' bill at hibberts.co.uk [bellhistorians] 
> I need to access a copy of Trevor Jenning’s Master of my art (1987) 
> but my local library has stopped doing inter-library loans due to 
> cuts. It’s in the BL (of course) but my reader’s card has lapsed.
> Would anyone be prepared to lend or sell me a copy? I will of course 
> refund postage and / or pay a reasonable price.
> Thanks,
> Bill H

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