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I think some balance is needed here


While the RW letter was undoubtedly intemperate and very mis-informed, any knee jerk reaction of outrage or “constitutional” correction risks missing some valid points and suggestions contained in the letter.


The young tend to challenge fearlessly without too much regard for facts or feelings. But just as certainly, the establishment will defend by reiterating the status quo and retreating behind existing limits of responsibility (as Mike’s posting very neatly illustrates).


Some of the points in the letter might be useful suggestions that the T&B “successor” committee (or others) should consider. Isn’t the whole point of CCCBR reform to do things differently – and in ways that actually benefit ringing and serve the needs of ringers and their towers? Blind defence helps no-one – and you never solve long-standing problems with “old thinking”


As to the wisdom or otherwise of ringing at the place in question, I’m sure the talk of 8” of movement and being so difficult to ring as to cause fainting is much exaggerated. Don’t take it too literally.



Chris Pickford

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