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Thanks both for this and apologies for not replying sooner.  The message had gone into my junk folder.  It is interesting to know that there are other bells in Leicestershire with incised inscriptions.  My only reason for favouring the "forgotten theory" is that all of the other bells have the donor's name, but I see that both are plausible.

Thanks again

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Both assumptions, that the inscription was forgotten, and that the donor insisted it was inscribed, could be true.

Some years ago, a book published by our historical society had a misplaced foreword unwittingly not included at the layout stage; we later had to insert printed slips by hand into every copy of the book.

Lawrence Greenall
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In the absence of a similar diameter bell by Joseph in 1760 I think it fair to assume the donor insisted on his name appearing AFTER casting.
There are other incised inscriptions on Eayre bells eg. Church Langton.


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The 1760 Eayre's ring of 6 at Swithland, Leicestershire, (3rd recast 1793 by Arnold) all bear an inscription regarding the donor.  However, the tenor also bears the final verse of Psalm 150.  The interesting thing about this inscription is that (unlike the other bells), whilst the Psalm verse is a normal inscription the one to the donor is incised into the bell.  I am conjecturing that the donor inscription was forgotten and therefore incised after casting, but would be interested if there are any other theories.  I have hopefully attached a picture showing the tenor.  Many thanks in advance, Richard

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