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Although not hung for ringing, two towers of particular significance:


Loughborough War Memorial Tower and Carillon of 47 Bells  John Taylor & Co
1923. They were given by local organizations and businesses to commemorate
the Fallen of Loughborough. The 4-tom bass bell was given by John William


Charterhouse School,. Godalming, Surrey (ex Mostyn House School, Parkgate
Cheshire)  Carillon of 37 Bells by John Taylor & Co 1923. The original idea
was to put up a set of tubular bells, but the money came in plentifully - so
did the advice: Paul Taylor was a pupil


Two other significant bells:


Westminster Abbey, Treble and 2nd of old ring of 8, specifically cast as
"Peace" bells 1919 Mears & Stainbank (recast 1971)



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