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Returning to David Sloman's original e-mail, is there any clarity yet
please, on what exactly we are being asked to "liaise with [our]
Association/Guild officers" about specifically.  "This is in connection with
ringing on November 11th" is a bit vague in this regard.  Do we know if the
CCCBR has anything particular in mind, or is it just simply ensuring that
Guilds are aware of these specific bells in their planning?


Many thanks




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A minor point, the Loughboro Carillon bass bell was given by Edmund Denison




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Although not hung for ringing, two towers of particular significance:


Loughborough War Memorial Tower and Carillon of 47 Bells  John Taylor & Co
1923. They were given by local organizations and businesses to commemorate
the Fallen of Loughborough. The 4-tom bass bell was given by John William


Charterhouse School,. Godalming, Surrey (ex Mostyn House School, Parkgate
Cheshire)  Carillon of 37 Bells by John Taylor & Co 1923. The original idea
was to put up a set of tubular bells, but the money came in plentifully - so
did the advice: Paul Taylor was a pupil


Two other significant bells:


Westminster Abbey , Treble and 2nd of old ring of 8, specifically cast as
"Peace" bells 1919 Mears & Stainbank (recast 1971)



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