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Hello Mark,

There are many photos taken in and around Victoria, Vancouver and points east.  They may be from a peal tour in 1973 (I believe).  There are no photos of the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver but there are numerous photos of Westminster Abbey, Mission City and Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria.  The photos are in no particular.

There are various photos of Seattle, Mt Rainier and the Seattle Tower. Also of the pulpmill at Crofton, aerial shots of various islands and near Vancouver Island, and various bridges in Vancouver.

The only people I recognize are Alan Batten from Victoria and possibly Alan Queen.  The grey haired lady behind the three Japanese ladies (taken in Seattle?) is possibly Iris Golden.   One of the hand bell ringers, rare view, looks like Nolan Golden.

As I have only been in Vancouver since early 1980, I never got meet the people on this tour.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year,  
Alan Ellis

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Flickr's foundin_a_attic site has sets of anonymous pictures.  One of them seems to have a ringing provenance.  The set is called the-1872-set, and is on 13 pages beginning
I was first drawn to the picture img 136 on page 13, which has the undefinable air of a group of ringers.  The church is, as the surrounding pictures show, Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria BC.
Sure enough there are pictures of some of the same people in a ringing chamber (surely too small for that Cathedral? the names on the blackboard may help) and ringing handbells in a living room at images 365-369 and larger groups in the same room at 370-371.  It does not look like a North American room.
These are surrounded by pictures of a church which is surely Christ Church Calgary another ringing tower.  Then on page 9 there are pictures of Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, again a ringing tower.  Back on page 13, where we started, there are pictures of Mission City and at img 113 just possibly a visiing party suffering a lockout; and we move swiftly down from that to handbell ringing again - I almost missed it because of the size of the thumbnails - but we are already back in the UK, with small cars and red buses - and on the beach, perhaps in Cornwall.
A high proportion of the churches in other pictures in the set have decent rings of bells, with many 12s shown.
So this set appears to be from a ringer who went on a trip to Western Canada, perhaps in the early or mid 70s, and had friends who were keen enough to carry handbells in case of boredom on the beach.  I am sorry not to recognise any of them.  But somebody must, and it would be very nice to know.

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