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> This almost certainly won't help, but just in case, /Pretan /is one 
> form of the ancient Greek name for these islands, which when 
> translated into Latin got corrupted into /Britain/.
> Could there be some sort of academic jest or pun going on here?
I couldn't rule that out, but nor can I suggest what the game might be. 
Another possible candidate, (apart from Clerkenwell and Islington) is 
Bermondsey. It seems the students crossed the river to ring at Lambeth 
so perhaps also to Bermondsey. But again there is no obvious source for 
the Pretan Sq. reference.


> On 12/10/2019 19:08, Ted Steele bells at tedsteele.plus.com 
> [bellhistorians] wrote:
>> This week's RW has a "75 years ago" item in which the newly formed 
>> University of London Socy. informs of practices being held at 
>> St.James Pretan Square. Can anyone say which church is referred to 
>> here? My best guess is St James, Clerkenwell, given its proximity to 
>> the university but St. James, Prebend St., Islington is also not far 
>> away. In neither case does there appear to be a Pretan Square in the 
>> vicinity and nor does one show up in a web-search; it is not a 
>> mis-copied name either, the original is the same. I am not aware of 
>> any such church having existed. Any ideas?
>> Ted

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