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On 13/10/2019 15:26, Stuart Flockton s.flockton at gmail.com 
[bellhistorians] wrote:
> The Booth map of London poverty <https://booth.lse.ac.uk/map>, which
> shows parish names, has "St James the Apostle Prebend Square" for that
> area of Islington.
> Stuart Flockton
> On 13/10/2019 13:48, Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
> [bellhistorians] wrote:
> > No, just the one error. Although the church is on Prebend
> > Street, it was formerly called St James, Prebend Square.
> > See for example Bell News, 17 Feb 1906, p 593. I can't see
> > a Prebend Square in that area on any late 19th or early 20th
> > century Ordnance Survey maps, but maybe it was a local name
> > for the open area at the junction of Prebend Street and
> > Popham Road?
Thanks; that is pretty conclusive; in fact the more one looks the more 
references to Prebend Square come to light. It seems that there may have 
been an actual square but that it disappeared under other development. I 
too had checked the original source and such maps as I could. An 
interesting little diversion. Thanks to those who took an interest.


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