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> If you use the Booth map's search feature, it returns "Prebend Street 
> parish", even though the map itself says "Square" - so this records 
> the last vestiges of the old parish name before it was changed.
Thanks for the references to St James, Prebend Square etc. I had located 
some of these myself and they jogged my memory that in fact I have a 
copy of the church history somewhere which I picked up on a visit to 
ring at the church in 2011 when it was open for the RW centenary 
celebrations, or on an earlier attendance at practice. I can't put my 
hand on that right now but a potted version of it is here 
<http://stjamesislington.org/?page_id=26>. There is no mention of the 
Prebend Square in this but it does clarify the situation about the 
alleged redundancy of the church; which is incorrectly reported in one 
of the references.  I cannot quite understand what is meant by "/T//he 
'Prebend Field' was left by Lady Packington to Prebend Square"/. 
Nonetheless, while this is for me a matter of interest it has probably 
now ceased to have diredt relevance to this list. My original query 
seems to have been well answered and I am grateful to all contributors.


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