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This is the frameside. It is by T Bond.
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The Bond frame types are identified – with their date-ranges – in Bellframes (1993). They are:

·         Composite (cast iron webs between timber sills and heads) type 7.C.b and 7.C.c (all a few years either side of 1900)

·         All-metal composite (cast iron webs with steel sills and heads) type 8.2.C.a (e.g. Shenington 1926)

·         Cast iron type 8.3.A.f and slight variations (amended date range (i.e. not 1911 as published) 1933-1938)

·         Girder frames – though not relevant here – 1896-1910

Henry Bond senior did a job at Great Barrington in 1862. The casting could possibly be of that date (if it’s like Henry’s composite 7.D.a at Westcote for which there is no proven date, though 1855 OR 1902 seem to be the possible dates). Otherwise it’s likely to be later – and most probably a casting from a single truss rather than part of (i.e. representative of) a whole frame. I may be able to find a record of what existed before 1935 in the Taylor records.

It would be helpful to see a photo of the casting in order to determine what sort of truss it came from

Chris Pickford

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