[Bell Historians] Bell Historians group - farewell Yahoo!

Dickon Love dickon at lovesguide.com
Sun Feb 2 15:43:04 GMT 2020

Dear members of the Bell Historians Yahoogroup.


In the past few months, Yahoo has been making changes to the way it runs its
groups which has made moderating such a large group less easy. Therefore I
have moved it on to a new platform through lists.ringingworld.co.uk (with my
thanks to Richard Smith for making this possible). A number of other
Yahoogroups have already made this switch. You should all have received an
email welcoming you to the new group, which is otherwise the same as the old
group. However please make a note of the new address:


bell-historians at lists.ringingworld.co.uk
<mailto:bell-historians at lists.ringingworld.co.uk> 


In addition, I have set up a Facebook Group for Bell Historians, although
since there are many in this group that are not on Facebook, I would
recommend that to get to the widest possible audience, this email list is
used as the preferred channel. Facebook however may be easier for some to
post photographs.


John Cater remains a moderator for this group, and I have also invited
Richard Smith to be a moderator.


I have turned off the ability to post to the Yahoo group and will repeat
this message to the new group.


Best wishes,

Dickon Love


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