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You may already be aware of this. Mears and Stainbank was a former company/trading name for the Whitechapel Bell Foundry ("WBF"), see http://www.whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk/Past.htm and other pages on the website.

When WBF closed the foundry in Whitechapel three years ago, they stated (see "Our records" at, http://www.whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk/news.htm )
that their archive was being transferred to the London Metropolitan Archives.
If you are interested, you can search the LMA collections catalogue at,  <https://search.lma.gov.uk/scripts/mwimain.dll/256199115?UNIONSEARCH&APPLICATION=UNION_VIEW&LANGUAGE=144&simple_exp=y&HISTORY=LMA_DESCRIPTION&ERRMSG=[WWW_LMA]err.htm&REPORT=WEB_SUMMARY>

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Could anyone discover the history of this bell, please?
It was hung outside St Aiden’s Church in Carlisle in 1901. The only inscription (no date) is ‘Mears and Stainbank’. It is 46¾ inches in diameter and sounds the note Eb (633.5 Hz - 31 cents sharp). Weight about 16 cwt.
It may have been cast originally for Highmoor House in Wigton, Cumbria.
Ron East

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