[Bell Historians] Bournville Carillon

Bill Hibbert bill at hibberts.co.uk
Fri Feb 7 20:12:20 GMT 2020

Alan Buswell recently sent me tuning figures for the Bournville Carillon,
including G&J's measurements on the four Taylor bells, none of which were
tuned by G&J. I had hoped to work out the casting dates of the Taylor bells
from the J&J figures but have failed - they all have just tierces bar one.
My Taylor carillon catalogue is dated (I think) 1927, after the first
remodelling by Taylors in 1925, so doesn't help. Does anyone know the
casting dates of the four bells in question? One is 1906, the rest are 1925:

46" 17-2-10 in F

48 5/8" 22-1-2 in E

54 3/16" 30-3-2 in D

60 3/8" 40-3-14 in C


I hope to visit the carillon soon, so could probably just go and look,
unless anyone has the answer immediately to hand!


The background to this is that I am planning a talk to the GCNA congress in
June and am collecting and analysing a lot of data in preparation for the




Bill H


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