[Bell Historians] Establishing the origins and age of a hand bell ?

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This looks like a brass bell to me too (rather than bronze).




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Subject: [Bell Historians] Establishing the origins and age of a hand bell ?
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It has been suggested to me that the Bell Historians Group might be able to
provide some information in response to my enquiry below. 


I have a couple hand bells which appear to be identical and cast in bell
metal (please see the first three of the attached photographs, the 2p coin
gives an indication of the dimensions of the bells). I would like to
establish, if possible, by whom, where and when these bells were cast, but
there are no markings that I can see on either of the bells (or their
handles) that might offer any clues. I would be grateful for any
information, ideas, or suggestions about this, please.


I would also be interested to hear any ideas about the origins and former
use of the bell (missing its clapper) shown in the fourth and fifth of the
attached photographs. Again, there are no markings visible on this bell.


With thanks,


Julian Perfect

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