[Bell Historians] Ron Johnston RIP

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I like the information on the inside back jacket of 'An Atlas of Bell'. [He]
'is a geographer by profession and a bell ringer by vocation.'




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It's now on the WP article with wikilinks to CCCBR and dove.


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Bristol Univ website includes the following - 


Alongside his academic career he has been an active bell-ringer, on which he
has published two books - Change-Ringing: the English Art of Bell-Ringing
and An Atlas of Bells - and co-compiler of three editions of Dove's Guide to
the Church Bells of Britain. He was elected President of the Central Council
of Church bell Ringers, 1993-1996.




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That is sad. He was Vice Chancellor at the University of Essex when my
husband was there, and some years ago he and I corresponded on the old
Campanile at Salisbury Cathedral.


https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1299646 for a quarter he rang last


I see his Wikipedia article makes no mention of his ringing activities.
Perhaps that could be remedied.




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I was very sad to learn that Ron Johnston passed away last Friday. May our
thoughts and prayers be with his family, especially his wife Rita.


I am sure that there will be a number on this list who would like to
remember him.





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