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Mike Chester mikechester at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 5 14:40:02 GMT 2020

My son works in FOI for Coventry, so I got him to write a request that was likely to gain a response for me to Sunderland Council about the whereabouts of the clock chime bells. The wrong question can be easily batted back without information, e.g. if you ask for their location, he tells me.

The upshot is that they have told us that they only have one of the bells in safe storage and are unaware of the whereabouts of the other 4.

Someone told me many years ago that the hour bell was stored at a depot and the quarters in the carpark area of the new Civic Centre (which will soon itself be demolished!).  This might indicate that the hour be is the one in storage, but I cannot in anyway verify this.

Does anyone have any concrete information about the bells, please?

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