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The date of the ringing frame on Dove is 1920

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> If however the bells were installed as a chime at Inverary before being
> converted to a ring then we could look in more detail to see if it
> should be included.

I just checked what it says in the booklet of the tower history.  After the
bells arrived in 1921:

The bells were then set up in their steel frame in the slatted
'cloichteach' at the east gable of the church and in December 25th 1921
they were chimed for the first time ... For the next ten years the bells
remained in their 'cloichteach' where they were chimed almost daily ...'.

There is no mention of 'their frame' being a special one designed for
chiming, and in the later description of the completion of the tower and
installation of the bells I can find no mention of a separate frame being

So it seems reasonable to assume that the temporary installation at the
east end of the church consisted of the bells hung as they would be in
their eventual frame, ie in bearings for full circle ringing but maybe
without all fittings.

The booklet doesn't say how they were chimed.  Maybe ropes were attached to
the clappers.  Maybe they were swing chimed (in which case the wheels might
have been fitted).  There is no mention of any special chiming mechanism
being installed or used.

>From this I would say they were not 'hung as a chime', but hung as a ring
(maybe with incomplete fittings) and only chimed.

John Harrison
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