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They had certainly been hung with ringing fitting before they were sent to
Whitechapel in in 1971 for tuning and the supply of new ringing fittings. As
to the date of the old fittings I don't know.



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That is one thing that I am asking for information about.  From the
description is seems that they were at least hung in a ringing frame, as
this was reused, but were there any ringing fittings?


The alternative is a chime to a ring.  They are  not in that list either




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 Is s transfered ring correct, in there previous installation they were not
a "ring".


On Wed, 25 Mar 2020, 08:58 Mike Chester, <mikechester at hotmail.com> wrote:

Being at home for however long this takes, I have been randomly trawling the
internet and have come across a history of St Marthew's bells in Auckland,




This states:


"The eight bells were cast by John Warner & Sons Ltd at Spitalfields, London
in 1862. They were cast for the 1862 International Exhibition, London. 


Funding for the bells was the work of Mrs Selwyn aided by Lady Lucy Herbert
and her friends.


They arrived in Auckland in 1863, aboard the good ship "Nimroud", and hung
for many years in a wooden tower at Bishopcourt, Parnell. No. 4 bell was
returned to London and recast by Warners in 1883.


In 1906, the bells, in their original oak frame, were re-installed in the
tower of St Matthew-in-the-City. "

Does this make them a transferred ring?  They are not in the lists as such.


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