[Bell Historians] Halesworth, Suffolk

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Aug 30 15:07:44 BST 2021

John Arthur wrote:

> Why not try churchwardens accounts, if they exist, or even Archdeacon's
> visitations?

I've a long list of towers where I am actively researching 
the primary sources, or am planning to do so, but Halesworth 
is unlikely to be a priority as likelihood of uncovering 
anything new or unexpected seems very low.  The articles and 
letters about the tower's history in The Ringing World on 26 
Dec 1930 (p 826), 18 & 25 Aug 1939 (pp 529 & 544), and 14 
Jun 1940 (p 285) suggest people have already looked into the 
history, and nothing in their accounts suggests the 
chronology differed from the obvious one.  My email was 
really a final check in case someone here had studied the 
tower or was aware of more recent research.


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