[Bell Historians] Atkinon's, Bond Street.

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I don’t think I have really come across very many recordings of these, they where originally cast by Gillet and Johnston in 1927 for  the perfumers who originally paid for the building, however I am under the impression that they are not really used very much these days due to a scarcity of man power and probably noise complaints from the various businesses and offices that operate in the area.  Rather interestingly they where subsequently augmented in 1932 and as far as I know nothing has really been done to them since that date which may be another explanation as to why they are not used. Nora Johnston who is  briefly shown in the video was the sister of Cyril Johnston who actually ran the foundry and was also for many years a member of the local band at Croydon.
Oliver lee

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I have come across many videos of ringing and bells on the web but have never seen anything before of Atkinson's carillon (or carillion as the narrator calls it. I am sure it must be quite well known but thought it worth sharing just the same.



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