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Here are a few links relevant to the recent discussions:
British Carillon Society page about Old Bond Street:    http://www.britishcarillons.org/carillons-in-the-british-isles/london/
TowerBells page about Old Bond Street:    http://www.towerbells.org/data/UKELNWFX.HTM
TowerBells page about High Beach:    http://www.towerbells.org/data/UKEHBCHI.HTMAlthough Google Maps calls this place High Beech, the Ordnance Survey maps (which I take to be authoritative) call it High Beach.  Both place names are found in the very extensive Church History on the parish Website:    https://www.highbeachchurch.org.uk/The bells were apparently part of the furnishings of the construction of the "new church" in 1873, and were played from a weight-driven chiming machine until the present baton keyboard was installed in the 1960s.

Wikipedia page about High Beach (High Beech):    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Beach
On "carillon" versus "carillion":    http://www.towerbells.org/data/carillion.html
My Website does not pretend to be complete in its coverage of chimes in the UK, whether they are made of conventional or hemispherical or tubular bells.  Nevertheless, suggestions for additions and corrections are always welcome.

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