[Bell Historians] The closure of the Bagley foundry in Chacombe

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I'm not sure of what happened at Chacombe in 1687, but the Bagleys carried on for some years after this.

From Jackson's Oxford Journal, 8 April 1769

1769: CHIPPING NORTON, April 8 1769. Whereas it hath been by some evil-minded Person or Persons maliciously (and much to my Injury) reported that I MATTHEW BAGLEY of Chipping-Norton, was either dead, or had left off Business: This is therefore to acquaint all Gentlemen, Parish Officers, and Others, That I now carry on the Business of a Bell Founder, in all its Branches, at my Foundery in Chipping-Norton: where, among a great deal of other Work, I have lately run the three following Tenors, viz. Duns Tew, Chipping- Norton, and Enstone, which are all exceeding good Bells. All Gentlemen &c. that shall please to favour me with their Commands will be duly waited on, and may depend on having their Work executed in a neat good Manner, and their Favours will be gratefully acknowledged by their obedient humble Servant, MATTHEW BAGLEY.

He died in Chipping Norton, and was buried at Chacombe on 27 February 1785 aged 85.

I think the above must have come from correspondence I had with Chris Pickford some years ago, so the credit is his!

I have not yet found a link between myself and the bell founding business, but there is a faint possibility that this is the case. My family came from the High Ercall area (near Shrewsbury) and I have found a line back to 1809. In the latter part of the 19th C there is a George Bagley living in that area, having married an Elizabeth who was born in High Ercall. Although I have not found a link between myself and George and Elizabeth, they are living in the same area as my ancestors, and there aren't all that many Bagleys around the country at that time. The interesting thing is that George Bagley was born in about 1832 at Warkworth, which is only a few miles from Chacombe. It would be nice to know.....!


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Does anyone know the circumstances behind the closure of the Chacombe foundry in 1687, which resulted in Henry Bagley I's sons, Henry II and Matthew I, parting company to set up their own foundries in Ecton and Evesham, respectively? 
Was there a falling out?  Financial difficulties?


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