[Bell Historians] Preshute - all bells added to NBR as 'On Pres List' between 2009 & 2015 (same for Westbury)

John Arthur john.eborbells at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 12:16:58 GMT 2021

I think Mathew sums up the CBC inconsistencies well! When one looks at
their published guidance in the form of the Code of Practice and their
recently issued  Case reports their stance is clear!

The list as we all know is both inconsistent and anomalies exist.


On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 at 12:10, Roderic Bickerton <rodbick at gmail.com> wrote:

> Remember being appalled by what had been done to a modern harmonic gillett
> and johnston bell to fit it in with a mediaeval ring or three.
> On Sun, 31 Jan 2021, 10:58 Ken Webb, <ken44webb at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 30/01/2021 22:40, Chris Pickford via Bell-historians wrote:
>> I happened to notice the other day that Westbury are also listed – so
>> somebody has succeeded in getting two good C20th rings in Salisbury Diocese
>> listed (and maybe others too). Rather than quibble about which rings are
>> the most eligible, we might do well to think about the protection that
>> listing may afford for all the modern true-harmonic rings that we consider
>> to be  good. On that basis, I wouldn’t quibble at all with Preshute being
>> listed – they’re very good.
>> That said, I am curious to know how these Wiltshire rings have crept into
>> the lists – and why equally eligible rings elsewhere haven’t yet made it. I
>> suspect that someone in Salisbury Diocese has been quite astute and ahead
>> of the game
>> I'd saved some versions of the NBR for the Salisbury Diocese (prepared by
>> George D*.*).
>> Looking at these:
>> Regarding the column 'On Pres list':
>> The version 'updated 3 2009' does not list Preshute & only lists the
>> older Sanctus at Westbury.
>> The version 'updated 4 2015' lists all bells at Preshute & all bells at
>> Westbury.
>> So we know roughly the 'when' but not the 'why' or who initiated the
>> Listing. Neil Skelton would be my guess.
>> Ken
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