[Bell Historians] Elphick on the ancient bell at Hardham

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In 'The Craft of the Bellfounder', Elphick uses Hardham as a frequent early example of the various processes involved in making a bell, but at no point actually gives a dating. 

The nearest to a dating is in Chapter 2 (p9) on design: "If Lerwick is early 11th century and Bad Hersfield 1038, it would appear this lengthening process had stated by the fourth decade of the 11th century. If Hardham treble was cut off half way up its waist and a thin flat soundbow added, we would have a typical Romanesque bell, showing how much of the early design was retained."

There is an article on the Bad Hersfield bell, which was cast in 1038, on page 1084 of the 24/31 December edition of the Ringing World.


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I've mislaid my copy of Elphick's Craft of the Bellfounder. 
Could anyone do me a favour and look up what he says about 
the age of the ancient bell at Hardham, Sussex?  I believe 
he says it likely dates to around the time of the Conquest 
and is probably England's oldest bell, but I'd be very 
grateful if someone could check exactly what he says.


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