[Bell Historians] Elphick on the ancient bell at Hardham

Richard Johnston johnstonrh at rhj.org.uk
Mon Mar 8 09:48:49 GMT 2021

Chris Pickford:

> His analysis of the physical characteristics of early bells - especially
> soundbow types, canons and argents, and measurements (based on diameter,
> shoulder circumference and tangent) - enabled him to identify a sequence
> and establish a - to me, perfectly plausible - chronological sequence for
> bells of slightly different types.

I know nothing about this subject, but for me the idea that history 
follows a logical or sequential path reflects a "Whig" view of 
history that is now largely discredited.  Humans easily see patterns, 
and create logical connections, and then assume they must be 

Hence this comment raises the question "What is the evidence that 
early bell design development necessarily follows a logical path?"  
Founders are often in different often far flung places, so how much 
knowledge would they have of the work of other people? 

Sequential development does not look true post-Reformation, where 
some C17 founders produce "more modern" bells than were produced in 
the next two centuries.


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