[Bell Historians] Pannell MS, c1800

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Not relevant, but I have a copy of Clavis Campanologia formerly owned by one 'William Latimer of Bourne Lincolnshire 1843'.
I acquired it many years ago from a bookshop in Colchester.


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The front page article in The Ringing World on 30 Oct 1959 is an article by Harold Chant entitled 'The Professor Investigates an Old Manuscript and Even Older Book' (p629). 
It is an account of 'collection of old Doubles methods copied out by Mr. Pannell, of Darlington, from a notebook given to his father many years ago by an old ringer near Bourne, in Lincolnshire.  Mr. Pannell dates the notebook as about 150 years old', which would date it to very early nineteenth century.  The 'even older book' is Campanalogia Improved by Doleman and 'CM'.

Unhelpfully, the article is written in a semi-fictionalised style, referring to a discussion between Chant and a 'Professor Dodge', who I understand is an invention of Chant's.  However the material on Campanalogia Improved is largely factually accurate which makes me assume the account of the notebook in Mr Pannell's possession must be too.  Is anyone familiar with this notebook?  I cannot find any other references to it in The Ringing World, nor does it appear in the CCCBR Library catalogue under Pannell's name – but the, he's not the author of it, so it may well not.

Based on Chant's description, it seems to contain details of a number of extents of doubles which I've not come across before.  Early five-bell ringing is particularly poorly documented, so this could be a valuable source.


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