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As per the Dove change log, we marked the bells "temporarily" out of action in Sep 2007 and UR in Jun 2014.
Additional information (May 2014):
Foxearth have constructed an access to the clock which would prevent the bells being rung even if the broken seventh wheel was repaired
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Hi Oliver 

I rang at Foxearth about 20 years ago - I hadn’t been ringing very long and it was one of my first “interesting” towers!

The ring is anticlockwise and you ring around a clock case in the middle of the ringing chamber. I recall a “shelf” along one side, which sallies had a tendency to land on if they weren’t controlled properly, particularly during a raise or lower! (My sally behaved, but my tower captain at the time struggled!) I have no memory of how the bells sounded.


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I was wondering if some might be able to explain to me precisely why the bells here are unringable?, judging by my own research it would appear that ringing seems to have ceased around 2006/7 but for some odd reason there is no mention about this in any annual reports from the period. Someone once told me that it was due to a poor frame but I now suspect that it might be something to do with an ill placed mezzanine floor. I’m also interested to know if anyone has any memories of ringing here? As I understand they where particularly interesting. 
Oliver lee 
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