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The link from the photo provided by Bill states G&J were paid £200 for 
the bell work in the 1890's (& carried out work re the clock etc.)

Have-you-heard-the-bells.pdf (tetburychurch.co.uk) 

Were they machine tuning bells then?


On 22/02/2022 07:25, bill at hibberts.co.uk wrote:
> These bells are described in Church Bells of Gloucestershire as ‘seven 
> largest bells maiden bells, treble with skirting’, and the back 7 
> (Rudhall 1722) are marked as historically important, presumably 
> because they are maiden. I was looking at the nominal figures of these 
> bells as part of a project I am doing, and wonder whether in fact the 
> back 7 have been tuned.
> Arguments in favour of tuning are:
>   * The back 7 nominal frequencies are correct to within 3.5 cents of
>     a temperament favoured by Taylors from the 1890s on
>   * The bells hang in a frame which is probably Taylors 1891
>   * The bell in this photograph
>     https://tetburychurch.co.uk/have-you-heard-the-church-bells-yet-this-year-or-the-church-clock-striking-out-the-passing-of-time/
>     may have a band of tuning just below the clapper scar
> Arguments against tuning are:
>   * The treble is stretched by 35 cents (but perhaps wasn’t tuned if
>     it had previously been skirted?)
>   * The information in CBOG, arising from a visit on 20/8/1979 by Mary
>     Bliss and AJC (Tony Cox?).
> I think the bells weren’t tuned when worked on by Taylors in 1965, as 
> the tuning marks would have been relatively fresh in 1979.
> Does anyone have any better knowledge of this?
> Regards,
> Bill H
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