[Bell Historians] Tetbury, Gloucestershire

bill at hibberts.co.uk bill at hibberts.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 18:11:20 GMT 2022

Thanks for the many replies - what a helpful group this is.


I was waiting for someone else to confirm the machine markings, I was
beginning to doubt the evidence of my aging eyes! Working from Andrew Bull's
photos, and guessing the frame layout, I think what I am seeing is:

Treble - skirted

Three and seven - machine tuned

Four - possibly machine tuned, but uncertain

Two, five, six, eight - not visible in the photo.


So for the purpose of my current investigation, they are definitely not a
maiden peal. I wonder who did the tuning and when?


Andrew is right about the partial frequencies, I have attached my figures
from recordings taken 5/4/2010. The treble is 35 cents sharp and the back
four have sharp primes.


I am about to make quite a few changes in my copy of Gloucestershire :-)


Kind regards,


Bill H



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