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The Fletcher article seems good on the practical side by the look of it -
but wrong (I'm more or less certain) on the identity of the inventor.


Jennings The Development of British Bell Fittings (1991) credits the
invention to the Rev. Edward Hastings Horne (p.93). Jennings is wrong,
though, regarding Horne's date of death - he died in 1939 (not 1929). He
also refers to this as the invention of the Rev. Hastings Horne in his
history of Taylors Master of my Art (1987) p.69-70. Horne was curate of
Melton Mowbray 1889-91.  


The correct name, incidentally, doesn't feature in Alison's list!


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So far as I am aware the best source on the history of the Hastings Stay is
George Fletcher's paper produced by the Whiting Society:
The Whiting Society of Ringers - Design for a Rectangular Hastings Stay .
There may of course be more information available on its inventor, perhaps
at Martley where he was the incumbent.


Peter Rivet


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Hello historians - 


We are investigating the history of Hastings stays and have found at least
three versions of who invented them. Some references say "Rev W Hastings
Thorne" but we have found two other websites quoting "Rev J F Hastings" or
"Rev Edward Hastings Thorne". Is there a historian who knows the definitive
answer please?





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