[Bell Historians] Highest Ring of Bells Without a Lift

David Bagley david at bagleybells.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 19:38:47 GMT 2022

Nick Bowden published this list on Facebook back in 2015

So the answer is yes, Durham is indeed the highest to the ringing chamber, and probably to the bells as well.


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I have asked this question on a Face-ache group and asked for serious answers and no speculation.  It is therefore no surprise that there was an immediate, and wrong, act of speculation!  I have felt the need to ask this elsewhere, to a more cerebral bell group!  😉

Channel 4 have asked me to confirm if Durham Cathedral are the highest ring of bells off the ground, without a lift to get there, in the UK.  Can anyone please give me a definitive answer?

Many thanks

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