[Bell Historians] 17th century numbers in bell tower

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Thu Jan 27 14:32:45 GMT 2022

Just a very marginal aside on this - re William Cole in the mid C18. It's unwise to trust his account of numbers of bells too much.

First, his 'returns' aren't based on visits - just hearsay or second-hand report
Second, we don't know the actual date of his MS - so it's incorrect to say (as Walters did) c.1750, and certainly to say 1750
Third, there are many instances where he is demonstrably wrong (I've seen the original Ms at the British Library and done reconciliations for Beds and Warwicks)

It's not relevant to Little Eversden - but over the years I've spent a fair bit of time explaining to people saying "there WERE five bells IN 1750" (as incontrovertible fact) that other evidence disproves the case. Hence taking the opportunity to raise the warning! 

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