[Bell Historians] ringing at Worcester cathedral after the mid 1970s

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For what it’s worth, I rang there for the first time on 22/10/78 and so were definitely back ringing by then.

Martin Smith

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Worcester bells were unringable for two fairly long periods, the first was when the pinnacle on the tower was blown through the north transept roof and vaulting in March 1976.

The second period of silence was in the late 1980s to the early 1990s when it was discovered that the four columns which supported the central tower were seriously weakened. They were hollow with a rubble infill which had settled forcing the stonework to bow outwards with a void at the top of the settling. Many stainless steel rods were inserted into the columns to straighten them up and the rubble replaced with concrete. That’s my recollection of what happened, although I can’t recall the exact dates.

As for the lack of peals during the times when the bells were ringable (there were none between 1975 and 1994), this was entirely ‘political’ under the influence of one particular ringer, now deceased.


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Recently I have looking through some old ringing worlds and I have noticed that there was practically no  ringing at Worcester from 1976 until about 1979,  I think this was something to with a falling pinnacle but I am curious to know when ringing actually resumed as nothing is mentioned of this in most of the editions I have. Additionally I am also curious to know why it took until 1994 for peal ringing to resume as I am sure that the bells where ringable by then as several quarter peals are recorded.
Oliver lee

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