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These excellent photos confirm my view that it is a Bradwell bell, and would
seem to indicate that it is a recast of a Sam Smith Bell, albeit a very poor


So  the Stable block bell which Chris Dalton saw could well be, as he
suspected, a Harrison bell.


Thanks for clarification.




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Here are some close up pictures, clearly showing the inscriptions `1678' and

The bell recorded on p.35 of the GAD book is a different bell - that's the
clock bell hung in a turret above the Stable Block.


The bell I'm referring to is hung in the turret above the South Tower of the
House - it is inscribed SOLI DEO GLORIA  (Glory to God alone) 1678. 





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With the dome shape top etc, it is almost certainly by Joseph Bradwell of

I know of 6 bells by him including the Arthengarthdale 3, and John Eisel
noted the treble at Kirkby Fleetham (RW 18/7/1997, p.724) & see RW
27/6/1997, p.651 which details of him found by Dot Salmon are to be noted.

So another rather interesting find, but photos or rubbings would be superb.




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