[Bell Historians] St Peter & Paul, Albury, Surrey (Albury Old Church)

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This church is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Buried in the
chancel is William Oughtred who invented both the multiplication sign and
the slide rule.


The old bells in this tower were moved to the new church in Albury when it
was built. In 2008, a bell was installed by the Friends of Albury Church. It
can be seen from the crossing, as the tower is open to the roof. The
secretary of the Friends at the time tells me 'The bell which now hangs in
the church was just an unknown bell which was found in one of the sheds at
Albury Park Mansion! It was thought that it might have been a bell which
called the workmen at mealtimes.'


I attach a photo from a Friends newsletter. There seems to be an inscription
but I can't read any of it. The bell has nominal 1555.5Hz, note G, and I
estimate very roughly that it is 65cm in diameter and weighs around 200kg.
The hanging of the bell visible in the photo is most unusual!


Does anyone have any more details?


Kind regards,


Bill H


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