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Andrew Aspland aaspland at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 13:14:11 GMT 2022

 I often read reference to "Alphabet Bells" -  those with inscriptions using the letters of the alphabet in order (or at least some of them) as being a practice used by post reformation founders to avoid using any pious inscriptions which might inflame the passions of tender "Christians".  I had thought differently in that if one was less literate and acquired a set of letter stamps then the best thing to do was to put them in order - you may have learnt that at least.  
However, there is an ancient practice of writing two alphabets (Latin and Greek) in ashes on the ground to be consecrated for a new church building.  This was part of the "exorcism" of the land - a way to bless the plot.  The inclusion of an alphabet on a bell would seem to have much deeper roots than mere avoidance of insult.
Any thoughts

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