[Bell Historians] Old bell at Lanhydrock

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When I worked for the National Trust, I used to have to go to the Regional
Office at Lanhydrock very regularly and visited the church on many

As far as I was aware , there were the nine bells described in Dove and no
one ever mentioned another, much older, bell, so I suggest it doesn't exist.
Most of my NT colleagues in Cornwall knew my interest in bells and I am sure
would have mention such a bell to me had it existed.

Richard Offen

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>From Dalton's notes, I see that George Elphick had seen it and thought it
C16th. Also from Dalton, there is a rubbing by T.M.N. Owen in the Society of
Antiquaries collection "red vol.11" (I do know what that means and can check
it sometime)

Am down that way soon - may pop by and take a look, although I've seen it
before (without making any notes) and recall thinking of was late medieval.
However, it may be back in the tower now - The ancient chiming bell also
rehung after removal of cast-in crown staple (Ringing World 14 November 2008

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